Towards know-how mapping using goal modeling

Daniel Gross, Arnon Sturm, Eric Yu

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In organizing the knowledge in a field of study, it is common to use classification techniques to organize concepts and approaches along dimensions of interest. In technology domains, an advance often appears in the form of a new way or method for achieving an objective. This paper proposes to use goal modeling to map the means-ends knowledge ("know-how") in a domain. A know-how map highlights the structure of recognized problems and known solutions in the domain, thus facilitating gap identification and prompting new research and innovation. We contrast the proposed goal-oriented approach with a claim-oriented approach, using Web Page Ranking as a sample domain.

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סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 1 ינו׳ 2013
אירוע6th International i* Workshop, iStar 2013 - Valencia, ספרד
משך הזמן: 17 יוני 201318 יוני 2013

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