The Need for a Motor Assessment Tool for Children with Autism—An Opinion Article

Hasan Wael Battah, Meir Lotan, Danny S. Moran

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There is a lot of evidence that early developmental therapy achieves impressive therapeutic results for those who require it. Therefore, developmental follow-up, which includes the process of monitoring the child’s development over time, makes it possible to identify possible developmental problems and treat them from a young age. This assumption is true in relation to all children with developmental difficulties but is mainly true in the context of children with a diagnosis of autism. However, despite the abundance of developmental scales for the neurotypical population, there are currently no valid scales for assessing motor function for children with autism. The current article focuses on the presentation of the motor delay, identified according to the literature, in many of the children with autism and requires the provision of professional and compatible treatment for these children. This motor delay and the lack of a motor assessment tool for children with autism raises the need for an adapted motor developmental assessment tool, which will produce measurable results, to enable the monitoring of the aforementioned disability and the receiving of tailored treatment from the physiotherapists who deal with the development of children with autism at an early age. The article reviews common existing assessment tools for use in assessing normal development in children with autism, presents the limitations and the challenges that arise when using these assessment tools with children on the autism spectrum and presents the need for a new developmental assessment tool that will be built and validated specifically for children with autism.

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