The interdisciplinary engineering knowledge genome

Yoram Reich, Offer Shai

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Parallel to the concept of the human genome and its impact on biology and other disciplines, we revealed a similar concept in engineering sciences, termed the "Interdisciplinary Engineering Knowledge Genome", which is an organized collection of system and method "genes" that encode instructions for generating new systems and methods in diverse engineering disciplines. Resting on the firm mathematical foundation of combinatorial representations, the Interdisciplinary Engineering Knowledge Genome unifies many engineering disciplines, providing a basis for transforming knowledge between them, supporting new educational practices, promoting inventions, aiding design, and bootstrapping new discoveries in engineering and science. Given the formal underlying combinatorial representations, these merits could be automated. This paper elucidates this new concept and demonstrates its value and power in engineering design.

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כתב עתResearch in Engineering Design - Theory, Applications, and Concurrent Engineering
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