David Zarrouk (ממציא), Moshe Shoham (ממציא), Menashe Zaaroor (ממציא), Hadas Ziso (ממציא), David Zarrouk (ממציא), Moshe Shoham (ממציא), Menashe Zaaroor (ממציא), Hadas Ziso (ממציא)

פרסום מחקרי: פטנט


A robotic device for performing intracranial procedures, comprising a baseplate for mounting on the subject's skull and a rotatable base element rotating on the baseplate. The rotatable base element has a central opening through which a cannulated needle can protrude such that it can rotate around an axis perpendicular to the baseplate. This cannulated needle is robotically controlled to provide motion into and out of the subject's skull. A flexible needle is disposed coaxially within the cannulated needle, and it is controlled to move into and out of a non-axial aperture in the distal part of the cannulated needle. Coordinated control of the insertion motion of the cannulated and flexible needles, and rotation of the combined cannulated/flexible needle assembly enables access to be obtained to a volume of a region of the brain having lateral dimensions substantially larger than the width of the cannulated needle.

שפה מקוריתאנגלית אמריקאית
מספר פטנטUS2018014885
הסיווג הבינלאומי של פטנטים (IPC)A61B 90/ 00 A N
תאריך הבכורה11/08/17
סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 18 ינו׳ 2018

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