Roadmap on commercialization of metal halide perovskite photovoltaics

Shien Ping Feng, Yuanhang Cheng, Hin Lap Yip, Yufei Zhong, Patrick W.K. Fong, Gang Li, Annie Ng, Cong Chen, Luigi Angelo Castriotta, Fabio Matteocci, Luigi Vesce, Danila Saranin, Aldo Di Carlo, Puqun Wang, Jian Wei Ho, Yi Hou, Fen Lin, Armin G. Aberle, Zhaoning Song, Yanfa YanXu Chen, Yang Michael Yang, Ali Asgher Syed, Ishaq Ahmad, Tiklun Leung, Yantao Wang, Jing Yang Lin, Alan Man Ching Ng, Yin Li, Firouzeh Ebadi, Wolfgang Tress, Giles Richardson, Chuangye Ge, Hanlin Hu, Masoud Karimipour, Fanny Baumann, Kenedy Tabah, Carlos Pereyra, Sonia R. Raga, Haibing Xie, Monica Lira-Cantu, Mark V. Khenkin, Iris Visoly-Fisher, Eugene A. Katz, Yana Vaynzof, Rosario Vidal, Guicheng Yu, Haoran Lin, Shuchen Weng, Shifeng Wang, Aleksandra B. Djurišic

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Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) represent one of the most promising emerging photovoltaic technologies due to their high power conversion efficiency. However, despite the huge progress made not only in terms of the efficiency achieved, but also fundamental understanding of the relevant physics of the devices and issues which affect their efficiency and stability, there are still unresolved problems and obstacles on the path toward commercialization of this promising technology. In this roadmap, we aim to provide a concise and up to date summary of outstanding issues and challenges, and the progress made toward addressing these issues. While the format of this article is not meant to be a comprehensive review of the topic, it provides a collection of the viewpoints of the experts in the field, which covers a broad range of topics related to PSC commercialization, including those relevant for manufacturing (scaling up, different types of devices), operation and stability (various factors), and environmental issues (in particular the use of lead). We hope that the article will provide a useful resource for researchers in the field and that it will facilitate discussions and move forward toward addressing the outstanding challenges in this fast-developing field.

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