Multiprobe NSOM fluorescence

Shirly Berezin, Basanth S. Kalanoor, Hesham Taha, Yuval Garini, Yaakov R. Tischler

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In this paper, we demonstrate simultaneous AFM/NSOM using a dual-tip normal tuning-fork based scanning probe microscope. By scanning two SPM probes simultaneously, one dedicated for AFM with a standard tip diameter of 20 nm, and the second having a 150 nm aperture NSOM fiber with 200 nm thick gold coating, we combine the benefits of ∼20 nm spatial resolution from the AFM tip with the spectral information of a near-field optical probe. The combination of simultaneous dual-tip scanning enables us to decouple the requirements for high resolution topography and probe functionality. Our method represents a marked shift from previous applications of multi-probe SPM where essentially a pump-probe methodology is implemented in which one tip scans the area around the second. As a model system, we apply dual-tip AFM/NSOM scanning to a sample of spin-cast nano-clustered Lumogen dyes, which show remarkable brightness and photochemical stability. We observe morphology features with a resolution of 20 nm, and a nearfield optical resolution of 150 nm, validating our approach.

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