Low overhead RFID security

Shlomi Dolev, Marina Kopeetsky, Thomas Clouser, Mikhail Nesterenko

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A radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology is poised to revolutionize supplychainmanagement and the retail industry [29]. AnRFID system consists of a tag, a reader, and a database. An RFID tag is aminiature electronic circuit that is capable of elementary information storage, processing, and radio communication. AnRFID reader is a device that is designed to communicate with the tag. A reader can extract the information from the tag that identifies the tagged item. The reader is connected to a database that contains additional information about the tag and the item.A tag can be self-powered or it can use the power of the reader todo its processing and communication through amechanism called backscatter.Depending on the design, the range of this communication varies from a few centimeters to hundreds of meters.

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