Imbalance entanglement: Symmetry decomposition of negativity

Eyal Cornfeld, Moshe Goldstein, Eran Sela

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In the presence of symmetry, entanglement measures of quantum many-body states can be decomposed into contributions from distinct symmetry sectors. Here we investigate the decomposability of negativity, a measure of entanglement between two parts of a generally open system in a mixed state. While the entanglement entropy of a subsystem within a closed system can be resolved according to its total preserved charge, we find that negativity of two subsystems may be decomposed into contributions associated with their charge imbalance. We show that this charge-imbalance decomposition of the negativity may be measured by employing existing techniques based on creation and manipulation of many-body twin or triple states in cold atomic setups. Next, using a geometrical construction in terms of an Aharonov-Bohm-like flux inserted in a Riemann geometry, we compute this decomposed negativity in critical one-dimensional systems described by conformal field theory. We show that it shares the same distribution as the charge-imbalance between the two subsystems. We numerically confirm our field theory results via exact calculations for noninteracting particles based on a double-Gaussian representation of the partially transposed density matrix.

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