Guidance laws against defended aerial targets

Ashwini Ratnoo, Tal Shima

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The three body engagement scenario is considered where an aerial missile, homing onto a target aircraft, encounters a defender missile launched by the aircraft. A given set of defender missile guidance laws, namely, proportional navigation and line-of-sight guidance are considered and analysis is carried out for proportional navigation and pure pursuit attacking missile strategies. Analytic capture zones and lateral accelerations ratios for the four resulting scenarios are derived. Closed form expression for attacking missile initial position and launch angles are derived for a successful evasion from the defender. Extensive numerical simulations are carried out which comply with the analytical findings.

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כותר פרסום המארחAIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference 2011
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סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 2011
אירועAIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference 2011 - Portland, OR, ארצות הברית
משך הזמן: 8 אוג׳ 201111 אוג׳ 2011

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שםAIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference 2011


כנסAIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference 2011
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עירPortland, OR

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