Frequency-domain engineering of bright squeezed vacuum for continuous-variable quantum information

Inbar Hurvitz, Aviv Karnieli, Ady Arie

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Multimode bright squeezed vacuum is a non-classical state of light hosting a macroscopic photon number while offering promising capacity for encoding quantum information in its spectral degree of freedom. Here, we employ an accurate model for parametric down-conversion in the high-gain regime and use nonlinear holography to design quantum correlations of bright squeezed vacuum in the frequency domain. We propose the design of quantum correlations over two-dimensional lattice geometries that are all-optically controlled, paving the way toward continuous-variable cluster state generation on an ultrafast timescale. Specifically, we investigate the generation of a square cluster state in the frequency domain and calculate its covariance matrix and the quantum nullifier uncertainties, that exhibit squeezing below the vacuum noise level.

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