FEAST: fast expectation-maximization for microbial source tracking

Liat Shenhav, Mike Thompson, Tyler A. Joseph, Leah Briscoe, Ori Furman, David Bogumil, Itzhak Mizrahi, Itsik Pe’er, Eran Halperin

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A major challenge of analyzing the compositional structure of microbiome data is identifying its potential origins. Here, we introduce fast expectation-maximization microbial source tracking (FEAST), a ready-to-use scalable framework that can simultaneously estimate the contribution of thousands of potential source environments in a timely manner, thereby helping unravel the origins of complex microbial communities (https://github.com/cozygene/FEAST). The information gained from FEAST may provide insight into quantifying contamination, tracking the formation of developing microbial communities, as well as distinguishing and characterizing bacteria-related health conditions.

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