Eosinophil–lymphocyte interactions in the tumor microenvironment and cancer immunotherapy

Sharon Grisaru-Tal, Marc E. Rothenberg, Ariel Munitz

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Eosinophils are important effector cells and therapeutic targets in allergic diseases. Emerging data indicate that eosinophils infiltrate a variety of solid tumor types and have pleiotropic activities by at least two non-mutually exclusive mechanisms: direct interactions with tumor cells, and intricate cross-talk with lymphocytes. In light of the immune checkpoint inhibition revolution in cancer therapy, we review eosinophil–lymphocyte interactions in the tumor microenvironment. We also analyze potential interactions between eosinophils and lymphocyte subsets, including T cells, natural killer cells and innate lymphoid cells. We provide perspectives on the consequences of these interactions and how eosinophils are accessory cells that can affect the response to various forms of T cell-mediated immunotherapies and might be therapeutically targeted to improve cancer immunotherapy.

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