Design methodology for TRC pipes: experimental and analytical investigations

Gali Perry, Yiska Goldfeld

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The study aims to develop the required methodology for the design, analysis and experimental testing of textile reinforced concrete (TRC) pipes. To answer this goal, experimental and analytical investigations are performed and cover various aspects related to the construction, experimental testing, and structural analysis of TRC pipes. The experimental investigation presents the production and operation feasibilities with respect to acceptable standards and codes of concrete pipes. The loading scheme, the construction materials, and the unique structural mechanism of TRC elements that affect the mechanical performance of the structure, are requirements that should meet and adjust each other and are considered in the proposed methodology. A special analytical model is developed, which considers the geometrical properties, the nonlinearity of the concrete and the unique micro-structural mechanism of the textile within the concrete matrix. The model is validated by an experimental investigation. Results and outcomes from this study aims to take a significant step forward into realization of TRC pipes.

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