Between Crisis and Opportunity: Eritrean Refugee Men in Israel Negotiating Masculinity

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The complex intersection of migration and masculinity is a growing field of study. This research explores how married Eritrean refugee men in Israel negotiated masculinity-related challenges within the context of gender relations. A constructivist notion of masculinity informed an interpretive analysis of in-depths interviews with the Eritrean men. It depicted the men’s experiences of a loss of power within gender relations as a “crisis” of masculinity. We explore the intersecting contexts of migration, gender, and culture surrounding these masculinity experiences, as well as the impact of state power that is enacted upon the men via their legal status of “permanent temporariness” and in gendered encounters with state authorities. Finally, we describe and discuss three main strategies the men employed to negotiate masculinity in their relationships with women within these complex circumstances: ruling, migration as an opportunity, and temporary acceptance.

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