Aging in the Shadow of Trauma: Meaning in Life as a Resource for Older Adults in Israel

Amit Shrira, Yuval Palgi, Dov Shmotkin

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Aging in Israel frequently entails coping with a unique intertwinement of age-related losses and exposure to traumatic events. This chapter focuses on the central role that meaning in life plays in the struggle of older adults against the double burden of aging and traumatic adversity. The chapter consists of three main sections. The first section dwells on the exceptional reality of older adults in Israel. The second section discusses theoretical notions regarding the function of meaning in life in the adaptation to aging and trauma. It reviews research findings highlighting the beneficial effect of meaning in life on older adults’ adaptation to traumatic events. The final section points to the valuable perceptions of a meaningful aging in adaptation to adversity. Overall, this chapter provides an overview of how Israeli older adults maintain meaning in life, thereby supplying fresh insights on the concept of meaning in late life.
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כותר פרסום המארחFinding Meaning
כותר משנה של פרסום המארחAn Existential Quest in Post-Modern Israel
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