Walstromite, baca2(Si3o9), from rankinite paralava within gehlenite hornfels of the hatrurim basin, negev desert, Israel

Arkadiusz Krzątała, Biljana Krüger, Irina Galuskina, Yevgeny Vapnik, Evgeny Galuskin

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Walstromite, BaCa2Si3O9, known only from metamorphic rocks of North America, was found in small veins of unusual rankinite paralava within gehlenite hornfelses of the Hatrurim Complex, Israel. It was detected at two localities—Gurim Anticline and Zuk Tamrur, Hatrurim Basin, Negev Desert. The structure of Israeli walstromite [with P1 space group and cell parameters a = 6.74874(10)Å, b = 9.62922(11) Å, c = 6.69994(12) Å, α = 69.6585(13)°, β = 102.3446(14)°, γ = 96.8782(11)°, Z = 2, V = 398.314(11) Å3) is analogous to the structure of walstromite from type locality—Rush Creek, eastern Fresno County, California, USA. The Raman spectra of all tree minerals exhibit bands related to stretching symmetric vibrations of Si-O-Si at 650–660 cm−1 and Si-O at 960–990 cm−1 in three-membered rings (Si3O9)6−. This new genetic pyrometamorphic type of walstromite forms out of the differentiated melt portions enriched in Ba, V, S, P, U, K, Na, Ti and F, a residuum after crystallization of rock-forming minerals of the paralava (rankinite, gehlenite-åkermanite-alumoåkermanite, schorlomite-andradite series and wollastonite). Walstromite associates with other Ba-minerals, also products of the residual melt crystallization as zadovite, BaCa6[(SiO4)(PO4)](PO4)2F and gurimite, Ba3(VO4)2. The genesis of unusual barium mineralization in rankinite paralava is discussed. Walstromite is isostructural with minerals—margarosanite, BaCa2Si3O9 and breyite, CaCa2(Si3O9), discovered in 2018.

Original languageEnglish
Article number407
Issue number5
StatePublished - 1 May 2020


  • Breyite
  • Hatrurim Complex
  • Israel
  • Margarosanite
  • Paralava
  • Pseudowollastonite
  • Pyrometamorphism
  • Raman
  • Structure
  • Walstromite

All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) codes

  • Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology
  • Geology


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