The List: the making of an online transnational second generation community

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This is a book about an online community of the Second Generation (2g), children of Holocaust survivors. But it is also about the First Generation, our parents, their experiences, and how those experiences affected us. "In the beginning there was Auschwitz", writes Second Generation author and literary critic Melvin J. Bukiet, reminding us how much of the where, when, and to whom we were born, had been determined by the Holocaust. "On the most literal level, their fathers would not have met their mothers if not for the huge dislocations that thrust the few remnants of European Jewry into contact with spouses they would never have otherwise encountered except for DP camps or in the twentieth-century Diaspora. The Second Generation's very existence is dependent on the whirlwind their parents barely escaped.10 The locus of this book is therefore the area of an equilateral triangle, created by the interaction of its three sides: The First Generation, the Second Generation, and the Holocaust
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ISBN (Electronic)9783034344708
StatePublished - 2022


  • Children of Holocaust survivors -- Societies
  • Children of Holocaust survivors -- United States -- Societies
  • Electronic discussion groups -- Social aspects
  • Grandchildren of Holocaust survivors -- Societies
  • Grandchildren of Holocaust survivors -- United States -- Societies
  • Holocaust
  • Jewish (1939-1945) -- Historiography
  • Online social networks -- Social aspects

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