Single-cell landscape of bronchoalveolar immune cells in patients with COVID-19

Mingfeng Liao, Yang Liu, Jing Yuan, Yanling Wen, Gang Xu, Juanjuan Zhao, Lin Cheng, Jinxiu Li, Xin Wang, Fuxiang Wang, Lei Liu, Ido Amit, Shuye Zhang, Zheng Zhang

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Respiratory immune characteristics associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) severity are currently unclear. We characterized bronchoalveolar lavage fluid immune cells from patients with varying severity of COVID-19 and from healthy people by using single-cell RNA sequencing. Proinflammatory monocyte-derived macrophages were abundant in the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from patients with severe COVID-9. Moderate cases were characterized by the presence of highly clonally expanded CD8(+) T cells. This atlas of the bronchoalveolar immune microenvironment suggests potential mechanisms underlying pathogenesis and recovery in COVID-19.

Single-cell transcriptome and T cell receptor analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid suggests enrichment of proinflammatory macrophages in patients with severe COVID-19 and the presence of clonally expanded CD8(+) T cells in patients with moderate COVID-19.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)842-844
Number of pages3
JournalNature Medicine
Issue number6
Early online date12 May 2020
StatePublished - 1 Jun 2020

All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) codes

  • General Biochemistry,Genetics and Molecular Biology


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