Rights of children and youth in China: protection, provision and participation

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The past three decades have witnessed unprecedented growth in the field of children's rights in China. This chapter surveys some of the major trends and unique problems that characterize China's child-rights legislation while situating these developments within a broader international framework. Focusing on the key concepts of children's protection, provision and participation rights, the chapter considers how these different types of rights come to the fore in the PRC. It argues that the expansion in child-rights legislation in China signals increasing official recognition of children’s new needs and vulnerabilities in the age of market reforms, as well as the rise of liberal conceptions of children's 'value' following the launch of the One-Child Policy in 1979. Nonetheless, children's rights constitute an unsettled terrain in contemporary China in which multiple and at times contradictory notions of childhood and social order, the private and the public sphere, coalesce and contest with each other.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2019

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