Religious Stories in Transformation: Conflict, Revision and Reception

V. Tohar (Editor), A. Houtman (Editor), T. Kadari (Editor), M. Poorthuis (Editor)

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In Religious Stories in Transformation: Conflict, Revision and Reception , the editors present a collection of essays that reveal both the many similarities and the poignant differences between ancient myths in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and modern secular culture and how these stories were incorporated and adapted over time. This rich multidisciplinary research demonstrates not only how stories in different religions and cultures are interesting in their own right, but also that the process of transformation in particular deserves scholarly interest. It is through the changes in the stories that the particular identity of each religion comes to the fore most strikingly. Storytelling and meaning: Theory and practice of narrative variants in religious texts / Eli Yassif -- Part I: -- . Transformations of ancient creation myths: -- The Adamic myth from Canaan / Marjo Korpel -- The development of the Adamic myth in Genesis Rabbah / Alberdina Houtman -- First man, first twins: The origins of humankind in Zoroastrian thought / Albert de Jong -- The fall of Iblis and its Enochic background / Tommaso Tesei -- Interreligious aspects in the narrative of the burial of Adam in 'Pirkei de-Rabbi Eliezer / Adiel Kadari -- Part II: -- . Transformation of Biblical stories: -- Aggadic motifs in the story of Jonah: A study of interation between religions / Tamar Kadari -- Jewish legal practice and piety in the Acts of Apostles: apologetics or identity marker / Eyal Regev -- Bound in righteousness: variances and versions of the Aqedah story in Jewish hymnography (Piyyut) / Wout van Bekkum -- The Biblical stories about the Prophet Elijah in early-Syriac-speaking Christianity / Gerard Rouwhorst -- Sürat Yüsuf (XII) and some of its possible Jewish sources / Meir Bar-Ilan -- Part 3: -- . Transformations of para-biblical stories: -- The well of Miriam and its mythological forebears / Jan Willem can den Bosch -- Bethlehem and the birth of the Messiah in the eyes of Byzantine Jewish storyteller: rebuke of consolation / Paul Mandel -- The infallibility of the prophets and the fallible Jesus in Islam: On the transformation of a Jewisj story into an Islamic anti-Christian polemic / Marcel Poorthuis -- On marrying and divorcing a demon: Marriage and divorce themes in the Jewish, Christian, and pagan world / Margaretha Folmer -- Ascension traditons in Jerusalem / Michael Ehrlich -- Waiting for the harvest: trajectories of Rabbinic and "Christian" parables / Eric Ottenheijm -- Part 4: -- . Transformations of stories in modernity: -- Reading Chad Gadya through the kaleidescope of time / Meir Seidler -- Zemah Zaddik by Leon of Modena: between two worlds / Vered Tohar -- "We do not pray, we invent: Jews, Judaism, and Jewish mysticism in the video game 'Wolfenstein: The New Order" / Frank G. Bosman and Leon Mock -- Power women: the retelling of sacred narratives in an interreligious context / G.M. Speelman -- Part 5: -- Transformations of stories in art: -- Biblical murals in medieval Frisian churches / Gert van Klinken -- Sinai -- the mountain of God / Shulamit Laderman.
Original languageAmerican English
ISBN (Electronic)978-90-04-33481-6
StatePublished - 2016

Publication series

NameJewish and Christian Perspectives


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