Preaching, Saints, and Crusade Ideology in the Church of Ognissanti in Florence

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Franciscan propaganda is the focus of this paper, which examines a variety of visual images used by the Observant branch of the Order to advocate ideals connected with Crusade ideology. A special emphasis is placed on a comparative perspective when examining the visual features of the church of Ognissanti in comparison with the earlier Franciscan house of Santa Croce in Florence. A major issue discussed is how traditional values advocated by the early Franciscans found new form and were given diverse emphasis by the reformed branch of the order in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Original languageAmerican English
Title of host publicationMendicant Cultures in the Medieval and Early Modern World
Subtitle of host publicationDeed, and Image
EditorsSally J. Cornelison, Nirit Ben-Aryeh Debby, Peter F. Howard
PublisherBrepols Publishers
ISBN (Electronic)9782503562018
ISBN (Print)9782503555546
StatePublished - Apr 2016


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