Open Your Hand: Teaching as a Jew, Teaching as an American

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Fifteen years into a successful career as a college professor, Ilana Blumberg encounters a crisis in the classroom that sends her back to the most basic questions about education and prompts a life-changing journey that ultimately takes her from East Lansing to Tel Aviv. As she explores how civic and religious commitments shape the culture of her humanities classrooms, Blumberg argues that there is no education without ethics. When we know what sort of society we seek to build, our teaching practices follow.
In vivid classroom scenes from kindergarten through middle school to the university level, Blumberg conveys the drama of intellectual discovery as she offers novice and experienced teachers a pedagogy of writing, speaking, reading, and thinking that she links clearly to the moral and personal development of her students.
Original languageAmerican English
Place of PublicationIsrael
Number of pages210
ISBN (Electronic)9781978800854
StatePublished - 2019


  • American
  • Jew
  • Jewish
  • citizen
  • civic
  • classroom
  • education
  • ethics
  • faith
  • identity
  • learning
  • moral
  • religious
  • students
  • teaching


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