Islam in Israel: Muslim Communities in Non-Muslim States

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Islam is the religion of the majority of Arab citizens in Israel and since the late 1970s has become an important factor in their political and socio-cultural identity. This leads to an increasing number of Muslims in Israel who define their identity first and foremost in relation to their religious affiliation. By examining this evolving religious identity during the past four decades and its impact on the religious and socio-cultural aspects of Muslim life in Israel, Muhammad Al-Atawneh and Nohad Ali explore the local nature of Islam. They find that Muslims in Israel seem to rely heavily on the prominent Islamic authorities in the region, perhaps more so than minority Muslims elsewhere. This stems, inter alia, from the fact that Muslims in Israel are the only minority that lives in a land they consider to be holy and see themselves as a natural. Provides important up-to-date data about Muslims living in Israel Suggests a unique window through which to view the most influential Islamic organizations in Israel today Examines personal, social, and geographic factors influencing evolving Muslim identities in Israel.

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StatePublished - 11 Jan 2018

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