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"Esther dreams of so much more than the marriage her parents have arranged to a prosperous silversmith. Always curious and eager to explore, she must accept the burden of being the dutiful daughter. Yet she is torn between her family responsibilities and her own desires. Meanwhile, the growing turmoil threatens to tear apart not only her beloved city, Jerusalem, but also her own family. As the streets turn into a bloody battleground between rebels and Romans, Esther's journey becomes one of survival. She remains fiercely devoted to her family, and braves famine, siege, and slavery to protect those she loves. This emotional and impassioned saga, based on real characters and meticulous research, seamlessly blends the fascinating story of the Jewish people with a timeless protagonist determined to take charge of her own life against all odds."
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationRebel daughter
EditorsLori Banov Kaufmann
Place of PublicationNew York, New York
Number of pages7
StatePublished - 2021

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  • Families -- Israel -- Jerusalem -- Juvenile fiction
  • Jerusalem (Israel) -- History -- 1st century -- Fiction
  • Jerusalem (Israel) -- History -- 1st century -- Juvenile fiction
  • Jerusalem (Israel) -- History -- Siege, 70 A.D -- Fiction
  • Jerusalem (Israel) -- History -- Siege, 70 A.D -- Juvenile fiction
  • Jews -- History -- Rebellion, 66-73 -- Juvenile fiction


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