Genetics research: Jumping into the deep end of the pool

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The publication of the human genome, more than a decade ago, alongside the development of high-throughput technologies for DNA sequencing, marked the dawn of a new era in genetics. Large genomic projects have been initiated to decipher the mysteries hidden within the human genetic code. With the rapidly ever-growing amount of genetic information, and the importance of understanding what it all means, there is a need to generate an interdisciplinary hub that will connect researchers, both experimentalists and bioinformaticians, along with physicians and community representatives in order to develop a common genomic language. This should lead to an accessible, readable and interpretive human genome with a short list of personal actionable items. We will then be able to declare that we are moving ever closer to the point at which one's own genome will affect one's personal life at a scope beyond our current comprehension.

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JournalGenetics Research
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StatePublished - Feb 2013

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