Dock10 Regulates Cardiac Function under Neurohormonal Stress

Liad Segal, Sharon Etzion, Sigal Elyagon, Moran Shahar, Hadar Klapper-Goldstein, Aviva Levitas, Michael S. Kapiloff, Ruti Parvari, Yoram Etzion

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Dedicator of cytokinesis 10 (Dock10) is a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Cdc42 and Rac1 that regulates the JNK (c-Jun N-terminal kinase) and p38 MAPK (mitogen-activated protein kinase) signaling cascades. In this study, we characterized the roles of Dock10 in the myocardium. In vitro: we ablated Dock10 in neonatal mouse floxed Dock10 cardiomyocytes (NMCMs) and cardiofibroblasts (NMCFs) by transduction with an adenovirus expressing Cre-recombinase. In vivo, we studied mice in which the Dock10 gene was constitutively and globally deleted (Dock10 KO) and mice with cardiac myocyte-specific Dock10 KO (Dock10 CKO) at baseline and in response to two weeks of Angiotensin II (Ang II) infusion. In vitro, Dock10 ablation differentially inhibited the α-adrenergic stimulation of p38 and JNK in NMCM and NMCF, respectively. In vivo, the stimulation of both signaling pathways was markedly attenuated in the heart. The Dock10 KO mice had normal body weight and cardiac size. However, echocardiography revealed mildly reduced systolic function, and IonOptix recordings demonstrated reduced contractility and elevated diastolic calcium levels in isolated cardiomyocytes. Remarkably, Dock10 KO, but not Dock10 CKO, exaggerated the pathological response to Ang II infusion. These data suggest that Dock10 regulates cardiac stress-related signaling. Although Dock10 can regulate MAPK signaling in both cardiomyocytes and cardiofibroblasts, the inhibition of pathological cardiac remodeling is not apparently due to the Dock10 signaling in the cardiomyocyte.

Original languageAmerican English
Article number9616
Issue number17
StatePublished - 1 Sep 2022


  • Cdc42
  • MAPK signaling
  • Rac1
  • Rho GTPases
  • pathological cardiac hypertrophy

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  • Molecular Biology
  • Spectroscopy
  • Catalysis
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Computer Science Applications
  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry


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