Development of a contextualised MALL research framework based on L2 Chinese empirical study

Anat Cohen, Orit Ezra

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Contextualised mobile assisted language learning (MALL) has been known for its potential in language learning rooted in social constructivism theories. However, a consistent approach to constituents of contextualised MALL, in addition to a quantitative tool to evaluate it, is missing in reported case studies. The present research, drawing upon literature context definitions, presents a research framework for analysing, designing and evaluating contextualised MALL. Real world and real life context variables were analysed and the potential influence of the country (target and non-target) and the mobile activities language learning orientation (generic/dedicated) on contextualised MALL was suggested. Empirical data collected from 53 L2 Chinese students in Taiwan and Israel, encompassing 296 types of MALL activities performed by students, was used to develop the contextualised MALL model as well as an index for measuring real world and real life context learning. This measuring index was subsequently established in a combined top-down and bottom-up process, using pre-defined context literature augmented with students’ stories. At the end of the research procedure a quantitatively operative evaluation tool was developed. Real world was measured by the amount of content activity in relation to the place, typical or non-typical objects of the place and typical situations at the place. Real life was measured by the degree to which other tools assisted in other core activities whose purpose was not learning. The paper presents the research framework, the developed model and index with examples illustrating their application. They are offered for the research and practice community to use.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)764-789
Number of pages26
JournalComputer Assisted Language Learning
Issue number7
StatePublished - 3 Sep 2018


  • Chinese learning
  • MALL
  • contextualised MALL research framework
  • mobile learning
  • mobile-assisted language learning

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  • Language and Linguistics
  • Linguistics and Language
  • Computer Science Applications


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