Complex purity: between continuity and diversity in ancient Judaism

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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)115-131
Number of pages17
JournalArchaeology and Text; a Journal for the Integration of Material Culture with Written Documents in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East
StatePublished - 2017

RAMBI publications

  • rambi
  • Eretz Israel -- Antiquities, Roman
  • Galilee (Israel) -- History -- 70-1517, Roman, Byzantine and Arab periods
  • Jews -- History -- 168 B.C.-135 A.D., Hasmonean rebellion to Bar Kokhba Rebellion
  • Judaism -- History -- To 70 A.D
  • Mikveh -- Eretz Israel -- History
  • Miller, Stuart S -- At the Intersection of Texts and Material Finds; Stepped Pools, Stone Vessels, and Ritual Purity Among the Jews of Roman Galilee (review)
  • Purity, Ritual -- Judaism

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