Analysis and Controlled Synthesis of Inhomogeneous Textures

Yang Zhou, Huajie Shi, Dani Lischinski, Minglun Gong, Johannes Kopf, Hui Huang

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Many interesting real-world textures are inhomogeneous and/or anisotropic. An inhomogeneous texture is one where various visual properties exhibit significant changes across the texture's spatial domain. Examples include perceptible changes in surface color, lighting, local texture pattern and/or its apparent scale, and weathering effects, which may vary abruptly, or in a continuous fashion. An anisotropic texture is one where the local patterns exhibit a preferred orientation, which also may vary across the spatial domain. While many example-based texture synthesis methods can be highly effective when synthesizing uniform (stationary) isotropic textures, synthesizing highly non-uniform textures, or ones with spatially varying orientation, is a considerably more challenging task, which so far has remained underexplored. In this paper, we propose a new method for automatic analysis and controlled synthesis of such textures. Given an input texture exemplar, our method generates a source guidance map comprising: (i) a scalar progression channel that attempts to capture the low frequency spatial changes in color, lighting, and local pattern combined, and (ii) a direction field that captures the local dominant orientation of the texture. Having augmented the texture exemplar with this guidance map, users can exercise better control over the synthesized result by providing easily specified target guidance maps, which are used to constrain the synthesis process.

Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)199-212
Number of pages14
JournalComputer Graphics Forum
Issue number2
StatePublished - May 2017


  • Categories and Subject Descriptors (according to ACM CCS)
  • I.3.7 [Computer Graphics]: Three-Dimensional Graphics and Realism—color, shading, shadowing, and texture
  • I.4.7 [Image Processing and Computer Vision]: Feature Measurement—texture

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  • Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Design


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