Organization profile

Organisation profile

The Kukin Family Center for Couples and Family Counseling was founded in 1990 with the aim of strengthening families that encounter difficulties in dealing with inter-generational problems, as well as with personal problems and problems among couples. The center provides high-level family therapy services, using advanced methods.

The Center is operated by experienced social workers, professional therapists and researchers from the academia. The center provides a professional, therapeutic response that is both responsible and reliable to a wide range of applicants. Moreover, it aims to enrich the theoretical and clinical knowledge of students and therapists in the areas of family and couples therapy.

The center conducts workshops, courses and one-day seminars in diverse areas relating to the treatment of normative families; to problems among special populations, such as new immigrants, to religious ultra-Orthodox families and to families coping with disabilities.

The center's most prominent activity involves training courses for family/couples therapists; for social workers treating children and adolescents; for training facilitators; and social work with women. These courses combine theoretical and experiential lessons and also include practicum, during the course of which the students experience the provision of therapeutic services in practice, under proper professional guidance. Within this framework, the center also conducts research into the area of family and couples' relations, including families in crisis; bereavement and loss in the family; families belonging to different sectors of the population and more.