The Gelbart Research Institute for the Mathematical Sciences

Organization profile

Organisation profile

The Gelbart Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences was founded in 1987
by Prof. Bernard Pinchuk to institutionalize a long standing informal program of bringing visitors in analysis to Bar-Ilan University. Its name recognizes the many successful efforts of Prof. Abraham Gelbart to obtain extramural funding for mathematical research at Bar-Ilan. From the very beginning, the main purpose of the Gelbart Institute has been to support the visits of foreign mathematicians to Bar-Ilan and to provide financial backing for mathematical conferences organized by Bar-Ilan faculty; this remains its current emphasis. Typically, visits (ranging from a week to a month or more) of a dozen or so mathematicians from abroad are supported annually.
As in other institutes at the University, the day to day administration of the Gelbart Institute is in the hands of a Director, who reports periodically to a Governing Board.


Prof. Boris Solomyak



 library support - purchase of research monographs and the cataloging and indexing of the Schiffer Collection (the 3000 volume personal scientific library of the distinguished mathematician Menahem Max Schiffer, acquired for the Bar-Ilan Department of Mathematics through the personal efforts of Prof. Lawrence Zalcman.

Support of the local preparation of volumes to appear in the Israel Mathematics Conference Proceedings (IMCP) subseries of Contemporary Mathematics.

annual matching funds for two KAMEA fellows.

Scholarship support for students in the Program for Mathematically

Talented Youth (which originated at Bar-Ilan) and for high school students who have completed the Program and are taking mathematics courses at the University.