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    Bar-Ilan University, Department of Economics Building (504) Room 201

    5290002 Ramat Gan


Organization profile

Organisation profile


The primary purpose of the Research Institute for Econometrics and Economic Theory is to bring synthesis between economic theory, mathematics and statistics, in order to form suitable econometric methodologies for the analysis of economic data.  While the RIE provides an academic forum for exchange of ideas and the promotion of research, special emphasis will also be placed on empirical applications and the interaction with the Israeli market.

Specifically, the spectrum of research in the RIE includes:

  •  Research of a methodological-theoretical nature which is aimed at modeling, estimation, hypothesis testing, prediction and analysis of economic and financial data.
  •  Empirical academic studies which are using state of the art econometric methods.
  •  Applied research based on interaction with the capital market, the treasury, rating agencies, pension funds, insurance companies andmutual funds.

The RIE publishes econometric research regularly and will provide financial grants to students and faculty who publish first-class research in most sub-fields of econometrics.


Professor Igal Milchtaich
Research Institute for Econometrics and Economic Theory (RIE)

המטרה המרכזית של RIE היא ליצור סינתזה בין תאוריה כלכלית, מתמטיקה וסטטיסטיקה בכדי לגבש מתודולוגיות אקונומטריות מתאימות לניתוח נתונים כלכליים. בעוד שהמכון מספק פורום אקדמי להחלפת רעיונות ולקידום המחקר, דגש מיוחד יינתן גם ליישומים אמפיריים ולאינטראקציה עם השוק הישראלי.