Working with a multi-cultural group in times of war: Three metaphors of motion and mobility

Ravit Raufman, Haim Weinberg

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This chapter discusses three metaphors of motion/lack of motion, manifested in a multi-cultural group in Israel during wartime. The events triggered experiences associated with three metaphors of motion and mobility: moving in and out, moving up and down, and whether or not to be in motion. D. W. Winnicott viewed creativity as a universal state, as being alive in a continuous psychic mobility and motion. The chapter describes a bi-national group, which started a few days after the opening of the second operation in the Gaza strip during the summer of 2014. The struggle for living space and group boundaries can be identified concretely as well as symbolically in almost every Israeli group. In the Israeli–Palestinian reality conflicts are highly associated with territorial struggles. A dramatic event in the group's life happened one day before the termination session, in January 2014. Bi-national group consisted of Israeli Jews and Palestinians and included "bibliotherapeutic" experiences.

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