The importance of music in the lives of individuals with Rett syndrome

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Rett syndrome is a genetic disorder affecting mainly females. Music is a motivating medium for individuals with Rett syndrome (RTT) and was recommended by Andreas Rett. Music therapy evokes positive responses in girls and adults with RS. It promotes and motivates their desire to interact and communicate with their surroundings as well as develops their cognitive, affective, sensori-motor and physical skills. Since most individuals with RTT do not have verbal communication, music can function as a mean for self expression and as a form of communication with their surrounding. The article will describe four areas where music is relevant for the emotional expression andcommunication, enjoyment, cooperation, function and learning for this group of clients.
The value of the following working areas will be discussed in this article:
- Evaluation –the value of music and music therapy as a central part of the Israeli RTT
evaluation/support team.
- Communication & learning – the importance of music therapy as a motivating factor that enhances communication and promotes learning process in individuals with RTT.
- Physical therapy – the importance of music in achieving cooperation and enjoyment in individuals with RTT despite their obvious dislike of movement by an external facilitator (A physical therapist) - Dual-therapeutic intervention – the value of the dual intervention approach (Music and physical therapy) with individuals with RS, which was initiated as a result of the complexity and challenging features of this disorder. The article is an amalgamation of existing literature on music and music therapy for individuals with RTT, shared with over 20 years of clinical experience of both writers with this population.
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عنوان منشور المضيفArt, Science and Technology: Interaction Between Three Cultures
العنوان الفرعي لمنشور المضيفProceedings of the 1st Intl. conference
المحررونTatyana Kravchuk, Alec Groysman, Celestino Soddu, Enrica Colabella, Gerry Leisman
مكان النشرMilano, Italy
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حالة النشرنُشِر - 2012
الحدثArt, Science and Technology: Interaction Between Three Cultures: 1st AST conference - Ort Braude, Karmiel, إسرائيل
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