The effect of elevated initial vortex shapes on its evolution

A. Elikashvili, E. Golbraikh

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The formation and evolution of helical vortices in various media is an important hydrodynamic problem. A separate problem is the study of the behavior of the initial vortex, which is elevated above the surface. The evolution of such vortices is a complex multiparameter phenomenon. Based on a simple hydrodynamic model (or minimal model) in Elikashvili et al (2017 Phys. Fluids 29 026602) have been studied the formation of vorticity near the surface as a function of the initial height of the vortex and the Reynolds number. However, the influence of the parameters of the initial vortex profile on its evolution was not considered. In this paper, based on a simple hydrodynamic model, we study the evolution and formation of vortices near a solid surface for various initial vorticity profiles. The most widespread vortex profiles of Rankine, Burgers, and Vatistas were chosen for research. The simulation shows that the evolution of the vortex depends on its initial profile.

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