Teaching the mathematically gifted: Featuring a teacher

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In this article I investigate successful teaching of gifted students focusing on an outstanding mathematics teacher, A. R. Mayzelis, who had been teaching for over half a century in St. Petersburg's mathematics school. As one of his former students, in this case study I perform content analysis of a book A. R. Maizelis: In Memoriam (Karp, 2007) in two directions. First, I analyze characteristics of mathematics teaching that are especially important in the eyes of the teacher. Second, I examine qualities of the teacher and teaching that his graduates value most in his work. It follows that teaching the mathematically gifted must be challenging, respectful, inspiring, open, critical, creative, demanding, differential, and joyful. The study demonstrates that the qualities of teaching are interweaved with very special characteristics required from a teacher and with the traits that can be developed in the gifted students.

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