Sexual behavior in women's tourist experiences: Motivations, behaviors, and meanings

Liza Berdychevsky, Yaniv Poria, Natan Uriely

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The research literature has traditionally focused on commercial sex tourism between tourists and locals but virtually ignored sexual behavior among tourists themselves. This exploratory study aspires to fill this gap by creating a taxonomy of non-commercial sex for women who engage in various forms of tourism. The analysis of in-depth interviews with Israeli self-defined heterosexual women reveals that different forms of tourism involve various types of sexual behavior as follows: (1) '. Practicing Sex' referring to sex on rest and relaxation vacations; (2) '. Must Have Sex' relating to sex on city break vacations; (3) '. Sexual Adventure' describing casual sex on backpacking trips; (4) 'C. ontrolled Sexual Desire' referring to work related trips and vacations with children. The study findings are discussed in terms of their contribution to the research area of sex in tourism.

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