Old and wise? The connection between age, intraprenuerhsip, social capital and production

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In the current study, we examine the connections linking employee age and intrapreneurial behaviors (entrepreneurs inside the firm), and their effect on employee performance. We also investigate whether intra-personal social capital (ISC) and personal social capital (PSC) mediate the connection between age and intrapreneurial activities. A paper-based survey was conducted among 539 participants. The findings show that while age had a positive direct connection with employee performance, age also moderated the connection between intrapreneurial activities and performance, i.e., older workers who engage in intrapreneurship evaluate their performance higher than younger employees. However, workers with low intrapreneurial behaviors evaluate their performance lower compared to younger employees. We also found that intrapreneurial activities was negatively connected to age, but was mediated by both ISC and PSC. The results have both theoretical and practical implications, which can aid HR managers in their attempt to establish a positive age-diversity climate.
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