New Data on the Spider Genus Levymanus (Araneae: Palpimanidae)

Sergei L. Zonstein, Yuri M. Marusik, Mykola M. Kovblyuk

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New data on the composition and distribution of the previously monotypic genus Levymanus Zonstein & Marusik, 2013 are provided. The type species L. gershomi Zonstein & Marusik, 2013 is recorded for the first time from the UAE, and L. ras sp. n., a second member of this genus, is described from a female collected in Ethiopia. The new species differs from L. gershomi by the coarser corrugation of the carapace(vs. less sharply corrugated carapace in the latter species), the shape of the thoracic fovea with the sulci set more closely to each other, and relatively larger anterior median eyes, as well as by structure of the vulva.

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