Measurements of the stabilities of isolated retinal chromophores

L. Musbat, M. Nihamkin, Y. Toker, J. M. Dilger, D. R. Fuller, T. J. El-Baba, D. E. Clemmer, S. Sarkar, L. Kronik, A. Hirshfeld, N. Friedman, M. Sheves

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The barrier energies for isomerization and fragmentation were measured for a series of retinal chromophore derivatives using a tandem ion mobility spectrometry approach. These measurements allow us to quantify the effect of charge delocalization on the rigidity of chromophores. We find that the role of the methyl group on the C13 position is pivotal regarding the ground state dynamics of the chromophore. Additionally, a correlation between quasi-equilibrium isomer distribution and fragmentation pathways is observed.

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رقم المقال012406
عدد الصفحات7
دوريةPhysical Review E
مستوى الصوت95
رقم الإصدار1-1
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حالة النشرنُشِر - 19 يناير 2017

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  • !!Condensed Matter Physics
  • !!Statistical and Nonlinear Physics
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