Dynamic relationship between the sea and the aquifer

Elad Levanon, Eyal Shalev, Imri Oz, Haim Gvirtzman

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The dynamics of sea–aquifer relationship can be studied at different time scales,
including short time daily scale of tides, seasonal (winter–summer) scale, trends
throughout years or decades (mainly due to pumping or base-level changes—e.g., the Dead Sea (DS) case), and long-term trends, such as sea-level fluctuations due to climate changes. Fresh–saline water interface (hereafter FSI) in coastal aquifers results from the density difference between freshwater originating from rain and saline water intruding from sea. The seawater mixes with freshwater, creating a wide brackish transition zone (Lee and Cheng 1974). The following chapter deals with the dynamic relationship between two coastal aquifers and their adjacent water bodies, namely the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea
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