Broad viewing angle displays and user interfaces

Rotschild Carmel (مخترع), Krufman Aviad (مخترع), C·罗奇尔德 (مخترع), A·考夫曼 (مخترع)

نتاج البحث: براءة الإختراع


Disclosed are methods and systems for displaying images, and for implementing volumetric user interfaces. One exemplary embodiment provides a system comprising: a light source; an image producing unit, which produces an image upon interaction with light approaching the image producing unit from the light source; an eyepiece; and a mirror, directing light from the image to a surface of the eyepiece, wherein the surface has a shape of a solid of revolution formed by revolving a planar curve at least 180 DEG around an axis of revolution. Another exemplary embodiment provides a method for implementing a floating-in-the-air user interface, including displaying a first image in a display space of a first floating-in-the-air display, inserting a real object into the display space of the first floating-in-the-air display, locating a location of the real object within the display space of the first floating-in-the-air display, locating the real object in the display space, and providing the location as input to the floating-in-the-air user interface.

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