Assessment of the intention to use mobile health applications using a technology acceptance model in an israeli adult population

Tomer Shemesh, Sivia Barnoy

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Background: Mobile health applications (mHealth apps) have now gained global popularity. However, evaluating the level of their use over time still remains a pertinent challenge. According to the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), perceived ease of use and usefulness predict attitudes toward technology utilization. Together, these factors serve as determinants of behavioral intention to use the technology, which in turn predicts actual use. Purpose: We sought to elucidate factors affecting behavioral intention to use mHealth apps in an Israeli adult population sample. Methods: A modified TAM Likert Scale questionnaire-based survey was offered to 200 participants, with 168 respondents. Results: Sixty one percent of participants reported using mHealth apps on their smartphones, 81% of whom used mHealth apps from health maintenance organization providers. Generation Y participants displayed more confidence with the use of mHealth apps, and were less concerned about compromising the confidentiality of their health records. Furthermore, answers to TAM-related questions among mHealth apps users were significantly more positive, compared with nonuser TAM components that accounted for 51% of the total variance in the intention to use mHealth apps. Discussion: TAM constructs were related to the behavioral intention to continue to use mHealth apps. Health organizations as providers of mHealth apps were strong determinants of their acceptance and utilization. Generational differences in user competence were observed; however, whether user experience or interface design represents the underlying differentials remains to be elucidated, and developers of health care-related mobile technologies will need to address this question.

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