Department of the Literature of the Jewish People

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The Department for Literature of the Jewish People (ספרות עם ישראל - ספרות עברית וספרויות בלשונות היהודים) invites you to embark on a journey to the cultural roots of the Jewish people. Come learn about the spiritual and cultural riches of Hebrew literature, from ancient Hebrew texts to contemporary Israeli writing. Our program of study traces the historical sweep of Hebrew literature over the ages, accentuating the dialogue between texts from different periods. Our research tracks offer a range of specialization options from modern Hebrew literature, Hasidic lore, Jewish literature of the Middle Ages and Hebrew literature in antiquity to thematology (researching Hebrew prose using a sequential approach). At the same time, the links and associations between Hebrew and world literature will be explored, with close attention to the inner voices that nourish Hebrew literature today. Come meet Hebrew literature’s two siblings – Yiddish and Ladino – and attend language classes that will enable you to read literary and scholarly texts in preparation for literary and cultural research.

The department encourages its students, graduates and faculty members to combine academic excellence with creative writing of poetry, prose and plays. The prestigious literary prizes and critical acclaim won by many of our teachers and students are a tremendous source of joy and pride. The Bachelor of Arts program includes a creative writing workshop led by the Israeli writer and poet Miron H. Izakson. "Massei", a journal edited by our graduate students, provides a forum for student writing and is open to submissions from inside and outside the department. Organized readings and literary events are held in conjunction with local literary magazines.



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